[Northkeep] We want your targets!

Cynthia Teague cmt1708 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 20:15:16 PDT 2013

Archers of Ansteorra!

You are invited to contribute a target / shoot of your own devising to the
Fun Shoot at the Barony of Namron's Protectorate on October 12th.  The more
targets  we have, the more fun! Each archer will be able to vote for the
Most Enjoyable Target, and the winning target-maker will receive a prize,
made and donated by the Honorable Lord Laurence of the Greenwood.  We will
have straw butts on stands and standard target faces for use with your
target or to serve as backstops.
Targets may be placed at no greater distance than 30 yards.
Free-standing targets must be able to stop crossbow bolts.
Please remember that this is not a championship shoot, and there are likely
to be many novices.

If you are intending to make a target, please notify Lady Vigdis Gráfeldr
at cmt1708 at gmail.com so we can plan for its inclusion in the schedule.

Yours in service,

Lady Vigdis Gráfeldr

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