[Northkeep] populace meeting

Arthur Blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Mon Aug 25 12:38:29 PDT 2014


as this will be the last Monday i have free until DEC. i am going to be 
at populace tonight.
i will also be bringing the prize for Chemin Noir's novice tourney , so 
that people may see / handle it.
for those that don't know yet, I am donating a Period Style 66" long , 
Bamboo backed IPE Bow. for the period style novice shoot at the upcoming 
Chemin Noir event .
( since i have already been ask , retail on this bow would be between 
$400.00 and $600.00 + tax )
the bow currently has a fast flight string, and pulls 43# @28" , so it 
is legal for both hunting in Okla. and using in the period division ( if 
your using period style arrows )
unfortunately , i have not had the time to learn to make a set of river 
cane arrows to go with it : (

But i do hereby challenge all other bowyers / fletchers  in the sca to 
donate a piece of period style equipment that they have made, as a prize 
for a period style novice shoot at some small groups event !!

be safe, be happy, have fun

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