[Northkeep] Comic Con Tulsa

Jerry Herring jherring68 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 06:45:50 PDT 2014

This is a major comic convention there will be thousands of people come
through the door, people from all over the USA, Regular weekend long
tickets are already sold out for this event. Yes the booth seems pricy but
I feel it will should be a worthy investment. It is not like Northkeep is
hurting for money and what more worthy goal is there than to invest in the
recruitment of new players?

The Province of Mooneschadowe and the Barony of Namron have all expressed
intrest in a shared effort to make this possible, maybe if they are willing
to help front some of the cost 1/3 of $600 is $200 but then we would also
have to split the exhibitor badges that come with the booth, and we would
need to know how many extra badges we need when we send it in, I would
suggest that we collect the cost of $40 from anyone who will be attending
the Con to assist at the booth because that is the price of the exibitor
badges (Those badges will allow them to have access to the displays and
panels as thought they were a regular attendee, since regular weekend long
tickets are $75 and are already sold out those willing to pay $40 are
getting a pretty good deal.

We do not have to pay the whole $600plus up front $300 goes in with the
registration paperwork and the remainder one month before. Booth space will
sell out quickly I am told and the sooner we get registered the sooner we
guarantee our place.


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