[Northkeep] Comic Con Tulsa

Jerry Herring jherring68 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 09:19:35 PDT 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have no scope of how far reaching our efforts were toward recruitment.
Right now we had had one or two people show up in Northkeep from Tokyo in
Tulsa. And from experience I can tell you that talking to someone now at a
convention or demo can have effects that do not come into play until years
later. One example that comes to mind is Rebecca Williams von Groote
<https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.vongroote?fref=ufi> we did a demo she
attended years before she was able to find her way to the play with the SCA
and soon she is to be made a Laurel. Our demo at Tokyo in Tulsa allowed us
to meet people from cities located places other than Tulsa, our presence in
this convention could have effects that outlast just the now.

Tokyo in Tulsa was a local convention, so was Okcon back in the day, and
those smaller cons usually offer not for profit groups options on booths
and almost always we can negotiate some free passes along with the booth.
Tulsa Comic Con is a huge major national convention, just like the big one
in San Diego that gets national publicity every year although likely not so
much from the one here in Tulsa but it will likely be covered by several
online geek themed publications.  There is also a chance Northkeep would
not have to pay more than $200 that is if Mooneschadowe and Namron agree to
share the booth cost less if other groups decide to join in as well.

My efforts in this regard have only been to cultivate the contacts and
bring the necessary information to our attention. We have not yet commited
to do this demo, so if this opportunity is something that the Seneschal and
their Excellencies choose to pass on then so be it.


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