[Northkeep] Hello, February

Jennifer talana1 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 2 08:26:56 PST 2014

When we left to get breakfast this morning, the first couple of flakes had started falling.  An hour later, it was almost white-out conditions and we almost did not make it up the 17st and Sheridan hill we live on top of.  Diarmaid was the only driver who did make it up - a good ten or more cars had stalled out.  We promised the car a tank of high octane on the next fillup.
Anyway, my plans for today are shot, but it's now time for siege cooking!  We didn't risk going to the store, and so I couldn't do my usual Sunday stock-up.  We'll be short on fresh vegetables if we're socked in more than a day, but as long as the power stays on, we're good.
Please do not try to get out on the streets.  The snow is powdery and acts like a lubricant under your tires, and where it has melted on the road it is now freezing.  
Stay home, stay safe.  Work on fixing your equipment and armor for Gulf Wars, or get that new dress cut out today.  Experiment with a new recipe.  Prep for the game tonight.  
In servicio,
(leftover duck in the freezer, coconut milk and basmati rice in the pantry, sweet potatoes on the counter - I hear a curry calling my name)

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