[Northkeep] Gulf Wars Land

Jeff Gurnee geoffrey.gournay at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 13:07:44 PST 2014

Bumping this back to the top to keep it on everyone's radar. Many thanks to those who have already sent me their info!

Greetings Northkeep!

I am your Gulf Wars Landocrat for Northkeep/Chemin Noir. Their Excellencies would love to see all of Northkeep camp together; realizing that won't be possible for all and in order to get the land/space we will need for Gulf Wars, there are several key items that need to be kept in mind...

1. We only get land for people who pre-register. And the Deadline for that is FEBRUARY 18!

2. When you pre-register, you only need register as NORTHKEEP, not Northkeep-Ansteorra, or Chemin Noir-Northkeep Ansteorra.....just NORTHKEEP. that will keep us all together when the Kingdom Landocrat (HL Vincenti) gets the Excel spreadsheet with our registrations.

3. After you have pre-registered, you need to send me an E-mail (geoffrey.gournay at gmail.com); it should contain your registration confirmation number, the dimensions of your camp (tent dimensions with ropes), and the names of the people who will be camping with you. Keep in mind that we are only allowed 225 square feet (15x15)per person. Also, if there is a particular group of people you wish to camp near,(Moonshadowe, Raptor, the Dewi contingent, proximity to Port-a-johns), I will do my best to accomodate your wishes. 

4. I need to have this information by February 26th! This will give me time to configure the layout of Northkeep's land. 

Slumlord in Service
Geoffrey de Gournay CSS CXVIII 
Squire to Sir Brom O'Brien
Northkeep Knight Marshall 
"You are my adversary, but not my enemy. Your resistance gives me
strength Your will gives me courage. Your spirit enables me. And
though I aim to defeat you, should I succeed, I will not humiliate
you. Instead I will honour you, for without you I am a lesser person."

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