[Northkeep] Combat Archery Practice This Sunday!

Travis Mitchell tsm1969_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 13 14:17:15 PST 2014

Come out to our first Combat Archery Practice this Sunday!
We will be shooting for scores in the inter kingdom combat archery competition.
We will open the range at 1pm, and will have some limited loaner gear available.
This is a good way to improve your combat archery effectiveness without having to get fully geared up.
The address is 105 Vandiver SW, Piedmont, OK 73078.
We have plenty of room so if you just want to come out and enjoy the weather, please do so... everyone is welcome.

Yours In Service,
Lord Tigernach mac Mãel Michell
Wiesenfeuer Reeve
Ansteorra Northern Region Deputy Archery Marshal
Arcarius to HL Vincnti da Murano
mka Travis Mitchell

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