[Northkeep] Fighter Practice 02/26/14

Baron of Northkeep baron at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Tue Feb 25 09:54:43 PST 2014

Hello Northkeep!

Less than two weeks until Gulf War!
It's coming up fast, but we are still having practice tomorrow.
In fact, it's Grub N Garb time and this month's theme is Dessert!

We had an amazing Revel in the Park last weekend and a lot of people seemed
to be interested in what we're doing, so I am hoping that we have some new
people showing up tomorrow.

Lets have a good turn out so we can show them what we do and spark

If you don't plan on fighting, bring out your armor and maybe we can get a
new person out on the floor and fighting. Or just bring it out to show it

If you need repairs, bring it out and make repairs at the Hall.

Lets have a great turn out and send this month off with a bang!

H.E. Morgan Blackdragon
Baron of Northkeep

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