[Northkeep] Baronial A&S Night - 2/3/14

Arthur Blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Mon Feb 3 08:06:50 PST 2014


speaking of artsy sci-ency type things  : )

i don't know if anything is planned, but i was curious what the status 
was on the kingdom and baronial floors was ?
and is there any thought of painting the baronial pavilions as well ?

also, i had a thought, but i am artistically challenged when it comes to 
for a baronial torch how would the top of a tower ( maybe a foot tall, 
sheet metal welded together )
( say from just below the window and up) look?
also , should we cut out the name " NorthKeep " ??
around the bottom ?  ( if bottom below the window ) ?
around the top? ( if top below the crenelations ) ?

oh and should we have 2 of them ?
and should the tanks / bases be concealed in wooden boxes ??

be safe, be happy, have fun  ( and stay warm )


On 2/3/2014 8:53 AM, Alexandre Crane wrote:
> So the reminder about Baronial AnS went out this morning.
> Are there plans to get together and chat about things? Is there a project
> we need to be working on? Are people as bad as some of my other friends and
> just work better and harder when there's other people around?
> Wait. First: Would we have a place to get together and do something like
> this?
> Just asking the questions somebody out there *might* be thinking but too
> shy to ask,
> -Lord Alexandre Crane.
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