[Northkeep] Soup kitchen at wInterkingdom

KeiganGDH at aol.com KeiganGDH at aol.com
Sat Jan 18 15:20:45 PST 2014

I agreed a while back to bring a vegetarian pumpkin soup.  I just need  to 
know how much of it to make.

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steldr at cox.net writes:

So time  is sneaking up on me and I just realized that wInterkingdom is  
weekend.  Normally by this time I would have a vast array of soup  makers
lined up.  Unfortunately, work has been kicking my butt to the  point that
right now, I am only sure that Aderyn the Wonderful  is  making rolls and
that I am making Beef & Barley (including a small pot  of onion free for
HRM).  Who else is planning to bring soup for the  soup kitchen?  Pleases
chime in so that I will not have a panic attack  thinking we don't have
enough soup.  

Also, have you  decided what you are bringing to add to the bake sale?   



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