[Northkeep] Missing Practice.

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I hate to tell you this Ian but cakes, pies and puddings the way we are used to them are not period.
In period, cakes were not moulded in pans and in general were not really all that sweet.  Pies were mostly savory and tended to be mainly meat filled.  Puddings were also semi sweet at best as well.  Sugar was a highly expensive import so honey was the sweetener used.
This means that desserts that are period tend to be mainly based on fruits and honey.
Not trying to burst anyones bubble because there are medieval dessert recipes out there, just we have a lot sweeter tooth than our ancestors did.

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> I do like where Lady Aurelia is headed with this, but since real dessert
> chocolates are post period I might suggest a romantic sweets contest.
> Pudding, Cakes and Pie!
> Kindly
> Ian
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