[Northkeep] Giveaway at Populace Meeting

Jennifer talana1 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 22 09:23:06 PDT 2014

Fellow Northkeepers,


With the Seneschal’s permission, at Populace Meeting this
coming Monday I will be bringing several boxes’ worth of needlework kits and
craft books to give away.  These belonged
to a lady who has recently passed on, who before her death had asked her family
to approach me about finding homes for her collection of craft supplies.


While the kits are not of SCA-appropriate themes, they
are unopened and in good condition.  The
majority of them are holiday-themed, mostly for Christmas.  The books are chiefly about needlepoint, quilting
tatting, and holiday crafts.


If you have ever wanted to try needlepoint or counted
cross stitch, these offer an excellent opportunity to give it a try without any
financial layout. Use them to teach your children or spouses.  Pick some up for your friends and family.   For your upcoming church yard sale. 


Any kits or books that do not find a home Monday evening
will go to Goodwill.


In servicio,






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