[Northkeep] Missile ranges

Arthur Blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sun Jul 27 10:23:22 PDT 2014


YES missile ranges are open : )
i have already had 2 sets of new people call to come out ( 1 with kids = )
and hopefully all of our regular archers will stop in as well ( 
including our newest regulars who were just nubies last month ; )

yes , its hot, no you don't have to wear garb ( way too hot for most garb )
yes we have bug spray, yes we have a 5 gal cooler with ice water,yes we 
have some left over soda,yes its on ice too: )
and we even have a water hose if you feel the need to cool off that way ; )
and in emergencies, i do have one air-conditioned room in my house : )

be safe, be happy, have fun

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