[Northkeep] Park Revel Dates 2014

Alexandre Crane alexandroscrane at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 13:24:19 PDT 2014

Honorable Lady Ismet al Din Bithia,

If memory serves, I believe I remember hearing that you and His Excellency
Damon Hroarson aren't on Facebook. As such, I cross post the following:

Her Excellency, Montega Blackdragon posted there earlier today that the
park revel is still on for tomorrow, though it *may* be cut short as the
rain is now in the forecast for late afternoon or evening. She also
mentioned that Their Excellencies will be providing hot dogs and that
everyone should feel free to bring sides and drinks of their choosing.

Hopefully that helps!

In service,
Lord Alexandre Crane,
Squire to Sir Evangelos Thrakios

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