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Fri May 9 03:44:02 PDT 2014

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Whether a group looks at a situation as a crisis or an opportunity is the
mark of its character.  This is a blow, truly.  It will cause the barony
difficulties, no doubt.  It is painful, yes.  But Northkeep will persevere,
and Northkeep will continue to prosper.  She always has, through every
crisis she has faced, the small ones as well as the great.  That is her

This request of the Crown is a bitter dose to swallow, and the way we can
best get it down is to show one of Northkeep's best attributes - grace under
fire.   My fingers are insufficient to number the times we have been
slighted by persons who temporarily wore the Crown of Ansteorra, yet we
endured.  Their Majesties have their reasons.  The quality or quantity of
those reasons is of no consequence in the great scheme of things, for the
King's word is law.  That is hard to say, and hard to live with, but it is
the truth.

The individuals who hold office in the barony will have to decide whether or
not to continue in their respective roles, and it will not be easy for them
to do so.  We can help them by giving them the room to think.  Yes, they
hold their warrants from the same Crown who has done this thing, but they
are the servants of the Barony.  Support them in whatever decision they
make, for they are good people, and will not stay or leave office without
having given the matter the grave review the situation demands.  The time of
transition will present many challenges, and our officers, both new ones and
those who elect to stay in their posts, will need our help and support.

As for the Crown: Respect the office, even if you cannot respect them who
hold it.  The brow will change within six months, but the Crown that sits
upon it does not change.  Our medieval forebears had to endure monarchs both
benign and despotic, wise and ill-counseled, capable and unworthy, and all
qualities in between.  They are, after all, human.

Northkeep is a jewel among baronies.  Do not let wagging tongues or
unchecked tempers or even righteous indignation sully her reputation.
Northkeep is not the first barony to receive such a blow, and, sadly, will
probably not be the last.  But we can be the most gracious in our response.

In servicio,

Dunstana Talana the Violet
Ordo lauralis

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