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Fri May 9 03:44:02 PDT 2014

Keep have shown great strength of character during
this trying time.(Granted most of my opinion has been
formed in the aftermath)Castellen has been one of the
best events I have attended in this kingdom! From what
I understand you have more people attending your
fighter practices all the time, and I also understand
that the moot was a sucess.

I hope the rest of the kingdom can look past a few
unhappy people to see the barrony as a whole. What I
see is a group that for the most part is trying to
come together to show their true colors of solidarity.

~Katren Fitzgerald~
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> Greetings Northkeep
>        I'd like to remind everyone again of
> something I said when this all
> started.  It's very easy to talk about how great a
> Barony we are when things
> are going well, but it is the hard times that show
> our true character.  We
> are on stage now.  People from all over the Kingdom
> and beyond are looking at
> how we react to the problems we are facing.  I
> frequently get phone calls and
> e-mails from all over the kingdom, and often from
> outside the kingdom
> responding to something I said on this list. People
> are watching us to see
> who we really are, as individuals and as a Barony.
> This can be a good thing
> or it can be a bad thing depending on what face we
> choose to present to the
> kingdom.  So far I feel that it has been a bit of a
> mixed bag, though more
> good than bad.
>        Before you post something here ask yourself
> if you would feel
> comfortable saying that in front of a large Court,
> because that's about how
> private this list is.  If the answer is no perhaps
> you should consider if you
> really want to post it.  Before you hit the send
> button please reread your
> message and try to see the worst way someone can
> misinterpret your posting
> then understand that there is every chance that
> someone will misinterpret it
> in an even worse way than you thought of.  If you
> read something that makes
> you angry or hurt please consider that the person
> who wrote it may not have
> meant it the way you took it.  If you are not sure
> then please ask them
> PRIVATELY.  Even if they did mean it in a bad way
> please understand that a
> lot of people are feeling hurt and angry right now
> and different people show
> it in different ways.  Be patient and understanding.
>  Don't let a friendship
> of many years be spoiled by a few words spoken in a
> time of stress.  Some
> people are not at their best right now, we need to
> cut them some slack.
>        As I said before, a lot of people are
> watching us right now.  This is
> our opportunity to show them that we really are as
> good as we think we are.
> Robert Fitzmorgan
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