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Fri May 9 03:44:02 PDT 2014

the Ice Age.  By the 800s the Scandinavians were exporting people by the

>With that much infulence, wouldn't scandanavian genetic material be present
>in the english population throuhg most of english histroy.

Maybe, maybe not.

I do have to admit thought that there are some assumptions they've made I
have some trouble with.

>also, how are they defining 'vikings'?

The -current- popular definion is different from the definion I use when I
use the term.  Today it's mostly used as synonomous with "Norse" or
"Scandinavian", although even those can have specific other meanings.

>I think im just having trouble understanding what the point of this article

I suspect that Damon just thought it looked intresting.


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