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Fri May 9 03:44:02 PDT 2014

onger time periods, with shorter break times, that way the fighters don't r=
un the risk of getting stiff, and injuring something.  On the other hand, m=
ost of the fighters will also want to see some of the faire.  They also nee=
d time to make sure they are hydrated, get something to eat, and just get a=
 general rest period.  Shucking the armour is a good idea, especially in th=
e middle of the day.

We also need to allow the people to see that there are other things in the =
society than fighting.  Not everyone is going to be a fighter.  Granted, it=
 is a big draw at the faires, but it is NOT the ONLY thing.  People enjoy t=
he music, the storytelling, they like it ALL.  You can't tell me the men wo=
uld not be interested in seeing a belly dancing demonstration.  If you did,=
 you would be lying.  The only suggestion I would make is to be sure that t=
he general public gets to see a little of everything, and not be limited to=
 one view of the society.

For what it's worth -


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