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Fri May 9 03:44:02 PDT 2014

event this past weekend. Thank you. I appreciated everyone who gave up
their time and energy to pull this event off. Other than going to war,
it was the biggest event I've attended since I started playing almost 3
yrs. ago.

I promise that Castellan will be much more laid back and people will
have time to visit and share stories with you between working at various
tasks. A lot of people at Castellan would be in the 200 range which is
less than half of what we had at Crown Tourney. I would be happy to
greet you and talk with you some, introduce you around, whatever is your
fancy at Castellan. If you come, bring your swimming suit. The pool is
usually open and it's usually warm enough to swim for most people.

If you come to our next Populace meeting, I will be the one up front
conducting the meeting.

In Service,

Lady Marta Dormani
Northkeep Seneschal

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After reading all of the messages on the e-list, I have but one
Does anyone have a lovely recipe for crow?  Please forgive my harsh
and for being thin-skinned at an event that must have taken a colossal
amount of hard work and talent on the part of many people.  I stand
you contrite, with my abject apologies to the entire Barony.

Trish (the Crow-eater)

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