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Unto the Knights, Centurions, and Men- at – arms of the fair kingdom of Ansteorra 
do come these words from Honorable Lord Duncan of Skeene, by the hands of Fernando and 
Lyriel, 111th Huscarl of Calontir. It is with humble heart that I announce that Their Royal Majesties, Martino and Ariel have chosen to elevate me to the order of Chivalry. To 
that end I will be sitting Vigil overnight, in the fort, Tuesday June 17th at Lilies War, with the elevation ceremony the following morning.
 That Wednesday the 18th of June on the field of Lilies War I have been selected to 
command the Viking forces as Olaf Tryygvason in the Battle of Maldon scenarios. I humbly 
ask for the support of all of the fighters of this kingdom that hail from Viking lands 
(and those that want to play Viking for the day) be they Norse, Rus, Verangian, or even 
hailing from the Northern reaches of the British Isles as we all know these folk are also 
Viking in their hearts (and genes). If you do not claim to be one of these peoples but 
would still like to stand with me on this fated day I will surely appreciate the support. I will be sleep deprived due to the responsibilities of the vigil the previous night and 
have need to surround myself with stout warriors from all lands to ensure my safety on this day. I reverently ask for the support of my friends and brothers in arms on this day of fierce combat against the Anglo-Saxon Earl Byrhtnoth of Essex. Please considerfighting with me as The Viking Olaf so we can repeat the history of the Battle of Maldon and emerge victorious over the prideful Earl Byrhtnoth.
 HL Duncan of Skeene Though I do not know this gentleman it is my mind to support him therefore I make this offer: His gentleman is in need and I would like to support him. I 
will give each warrior who supports him in the Viking raid a length of fabric long enough to make a tunic or enough Fancy Fabric to decorate a tunic. I will also give a ring to each fighter who has a grant. I will engraved the ring with a design if you are a peer.
Please contact me so I will know how many fighters take me up on my offerDuchess Willow 
de Wisp
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