[Northkeep] Great night!!

Baroness Montega baroness at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Wed Nov 19 20:52:15 PST 2014

What a night! If you missed Grub n Garb tonight, you missed a real treat! 
 Our A&S winner was Raquel who had an amazing onion soup. 2nd place was Loren with a beautiful bow. His display was so great! Baroness' favorite was Tafflene and the amazing flaming figgy pudding! 

 I had a fantastic time! In the middle of all this we had trailer inventory. So many people helped. It was done quickly. Thank you everyone. HE Ainar thank you for getting the trailer and taking it back
as well as judging the A&S. 

Thank you Everyone who judged, entered, inventoried, cleaned...etc.
 Tonight showed why Northkeep is the most amazing barony there is. We work hard, we play hard, we love the dream! 
 Vivat Northkeep!!!!
HE Montega

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