[Northkeep] A Challenge

Bethany Sanborn bethany.sanborn at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 15 06:59:35 PDT 2014

Hi everybody!  

I challenge you to volunteer at Gulf War!  I will have a treasure for the individual (not living in my house) who turns in the largest number of volunteer hours benefitting Northkeep or Chemin Noir (as reported by Volunteer Point in the official accouting) this year at the war.  I know it's your vacation!  But I've met some amazing people & had a great time while volunteering!  And I come home every year with "no shit, there I was" stories from volunteering.

If you are going to Gulf War, plan to do some volunteering, You can now fill out the paperwork online in a minute or two!  The link is -- http://tinyurl.com/GWVolunteer2015  Beorhtlic & I are already done!

Gulf War volunteer credit applies toward the volunteer war point (that's what the tickets they give out are used for).  Those same volunteer hours also determine how much money from the GW profit split goes to Ansteorra and to the group you choose to benefit -- Northkeep, Chemin Noir, etc (you indicate this on the form that is available online now or at Volunteer Point onsite).  

Volunteerism has been on the decline.  That means that there are departments trying to do their jobs without the necessary staff, which causes problems.  Perhaps most importantly, a majority of Ansteorra's income comes from our GW split, also based on volunteer hours worked; if we don't keep our volunteer numbers up, the budget crunch will effect us all.


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