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Forwarded by request from the Barony of Vatavia (Wichita, KS).

Here is the info for the Guild Faire on the 25th! If you would like to set
up a booth to promote your Interest, please contact me, Deirdre. There is
still plenty of room.

Members of the populace of the Barony of Vatavia and surrounding groups
show off a variety of arts, sciences, personas, activities and skills to be
found in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Newcomers from around the
area are invited to attend, join us for lunch and get to know more about
the SCA. If you are interested in setting up an interest booth, please let
Deirdre Know.

Lunch will be a pot luck. Please bring a dish to share. So there are not
tons of duplicates, please use the following guide:
If your mundane (modern) first name starts with:
A-E please bring a bread or cheese
F-J Please bring salad or veggies
K-O Meat.
P-T Side dishes
U-Z desserts


Interest Booths:
Fiber Arts: Finger loop braiding, drop spindle, inkle loom - Sorcha
Heraldry - Marie
Using your Heraldry - Deirdre
Pottery - HE Zoe
Bardic - Johann.
Jewelry - HG Garick
Cooking: Baking Onsite - Elisabeth Anne.
Leather working - Robert the Scot
Calligraphy and Illumination - Grace
To Set A Feast Table - Liam.
Moneying - William
Theobald College: Tanning, Walnut Inks, Slings, Spinning - Myghal.

Marshal Arts:
Heavy Armored Combat - Magnus.
Cut & Thrust - Carl.
Archery - William Douglas.

Persian - Vashti
Byzantine - Zabel.
Celtic - Ceallach
Korean - HE Zoe.
Crusader - Carl.

Dance - TE Donald & Zoe.
Mock Court - TE Donald & Zoe.
Heavy Armored Combat - Torin.
Calon Steel - Lucas La Argent.
Archery -

Its ALL about the Purple~

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