[Northkeep] ComicCon Tulsa

Jerry Herring jherring68 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 11:35:26 PDT 2014

The convention is on November the 7-9 and that date is coming up soon. Our
Barony has a booth at the convention. We faced a hurdle in getting enough
wrist bands but Amazon Local has a great deal offering a one day pass for
$23 which is a $42 value...If you want to help and can afford the $23 we
would love to have your assistance, this offer gets you access to the floor
and does not limit to to just our booth you can take in the whole
convention...come see the convention wear some garb pass out some business
cards sit in the booth for an couple of hours and you can feel like a hero!


Ainar and I are working to make this a successful endeavor for Northkeep
recruiting new people not only for us but for groups all over the SCA, but
we can not do it alone.


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