[Northkeep] Fwd: [CALONTIR] Allegorical Costume Show at Kris Kinder

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner BurgBorrendohl at valornet.com
Thu Sep 4 05:35:06 PDT 2014

Forwarded in case of interest because I know some of our group have 
attended Kris Kinder:

*Kris Kinder: Allegories, Myths and Saints Costume Show*

/Greetings unto the Populace of Calontir, /

/The Barony of Forgotten Sea will be holding a Costume Show based upon 
the theme of “Allegories, Myths, and Saints”. Often in Medieval 
Illuminations, ideas and allegories are personified in costumes that do 
not reflect what people actually wore. Saints, gods, and historical 
figures are also often shown in fantastical costumes. However, these 
costumes are intriguing and appealing to SCA folks precisely because 
they are atypical. So, let your creativity fly, and come dressed in garb 
that is inspired by the allegories, myths and saints of the Middle Ages. 
I look forward to seeing all the inspired garb.If you have any 
questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 
artsandsciences at bfs-kc.org <mailto:artsandsciences at bfs-kc.org>. Below 
are a couple of examples. [which were stripped by the list]

/                                          ----YIS, /

/                                         Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury, /

/                                        BFS Arts and Science Minister/

Also in a later posts:

Oh shoot, I always forget about that. There is an open facebook event. 
The link is 

And for those who don't face book:

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