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Arthur Blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sun Sep 21 09:31:41 PDT 2014

I have been ask to explain what constitutes  a " novice" for this tourney.
1: never won any adult archery tourney / shoot / prize.
( with a bow, past crossbow champions who wish to compete with a bow may 
compete as long as they meet all other requirements with a bow ( and 
plan to shoot the prize if they win it )
( past children's champions may compete if they meet all other 
requirements ) ( and plan to shoot the prize if they win it )

2: shoots at a Ansteorran Royal Round "Bowman" level  ( 44.99) or below. 
or for those who have no opportunity , or choose not to shoot Royal 
Rounds , we will be on the honor system.
if you believe that you are a novice, and your fellow archers believe 
you are a novice then you are probably a novice. it is on your honor, 
and the honor of those you represent.
( for new to the sca people, if you are good enough with a bow to bow 
hunt, you would not qualify as a novice )

Pictures of bow coming soon : )

be safe, be happy, have fun

On 9/19/2014 5:01 PM, Arthur Blackmoon wrote:
> Greetings
> Are you or someone you know new to archery ? or still learning to 
> shoot well ?
> Would you like to be able to shoot period style equipment , but can't 
> fit it into your budget ?
> Then here is your chance!!
> The *Canton of Chemin Noir* will be holding their *Saturnalia* event 
> on *November 15 2014*.
> At this event there will be held a*period style Novice Tourney*
> ( you may use what ever is available , but the target and scoring will 
> be of a period style ).
> *The prize for this Tourney will be a period style Bamboo Backed IPE 
> Longbow ( #43 @ 28 ) **
> **with blood-wood,Osage,purple-heart,and red oak in the handle, and if 
> i recall correctly ironwood limb tips and a fast flight string.**
> **( Approximate retail value is $600.00 ).*
> This is an open attempt to get more people shooting period equipment 
> so that more marshals ( and others ) will want to sponsor more Period 
> Style  shoots and tourneys.
> And YES, this is also to attract more people to this small groups 
> event .... But HEY , they have Great Events : )
> PS: In case anyone missed my earlier challenge......*I have challenged 
> all bowyers , fletchers, leather workers, iron workers, etc. to make  
> something  of a period style,**
> ** that a novice archer might need**and then**sponsor a novice shoot 
> or tourney  at some small groups event and give your work as the prize.*
> *My only request would be that everyone leave the modern tendency of " 
> collecting " at home, so that only those that will use the prizes are 
> competing for the prizes.**
> ** I have watched way to many nice bows go bad in someones closet, 
> shed, or garage, or worse seen them sold on ebay   : ( *
> Please cross post this to other lists that might be interested: )
> Be Safe, Be Happy, Have Fun
> Arthur
> *PS: Since the Prize for this tourney is a period style longbow , No 
> Crossbows will be allowed to compete in this competition. ( but will 
> still be able to compete in the regular archery tourney )*
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