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randy martin unoleisu at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 2 09:08:08 PDT 2015

 May the Shining Barony of Northkeep Prosper,Hark that ye read and understand the signs! The Tempests and floodwaters herald an aspiciuose moment!
>From deep within the Kingdom of Outlands, high in the mountains of stone I have come. My home was for a time in the lands of demons, on the banks of the Rio de la Animas Spiradas (river of lost Souls), but a stone's throw from Pergatory itself. Surrounded by wild mountain men, harassed by bears, mountain lions, and every manner of wild creature. The wintry snows were terrible, and the mountain storms worse.From this far away land I have traveled at much peril, to join your ranks, with hopes of finding a people to whom I may do service. 
I am Lord Redulf Von Kol, first Cadet to his Excellency and Don, Elric Dracwin of Wiesenfeuer, Ansteorra.
I have returned.
If I may inquire as to times and locations of Fighter practice and Populace meetings, ect, It would be my Honor to attend.
I give many thanks,Humbly at your service,Redulf

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