[Northkeep] Diamond War

Baroness Montega baroness at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Sun Oct 18 17:15:25 PDT 2015

What a fantastic weekend! Thank you so much to Their Excellencies Wiesenfeuer for letting us stay in the beautiful cabin with them. So much appreciated! (By the way, HE Branislava looked absolutely stunning on Saturday for court. She was gracious and kind and just a shining example for Ansteorra!)

 Thank you to Small Grey Bear for the outstanding hospitality and a wonderful event. For all those who brought the meats and got up early and stayed up late tending the smokers and such. Feast was delicious! 

 Thank you Ysabeau and Alexandre for helping with feast gear and entourage. Thank you Ysabeau for the super neat hats and shawls that made for some great fun!!! You guys are wonderful! 

 This event was great fun HE Morgan won two of the tourneys and had a great time. This is one of my favorite events and I hope to see more of Northkeep there next year. 
Baroness Montega

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