[Northkeep] The next Baron and Baroness is...

Baroness Montega baroness at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Sun Apr 24 16:57:55 PDT 2016

 Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

Per Their Majesties, Beorhtlic Folcwinesone and Elisavetha Af Isafjord have been announced as the next baron and baroness of Northkeep! We are pleased by this news as we know they will be wonderful in this position. They have a fantastic and vast knowledge of our history from before we were a barony.  For our new folks, take a moment to get to know them if you haven't met them. The investiture will be at Castellan. 
 We want to thank all of candidates for taking the time to put in for the positions. Northkeep is lucky to have such wonderful members!

Vivat Northkeep!!

Morgan and Montega
Baron             Baroness

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