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Works for me :) 

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Here is a preliminary *VERY PRELIMINARY* schedule. If I have missed someone, or a time is bad, let me know. I am trying to work everyone in at least a little. If you want more time or less let me know.
Also please note that there is not a slot for fighting demo. That is from
12-1 on Saturday and hopefully 1-3 on Sunday. I just need whoever is capable of showing up to fight to please show up that day and help us out.
I will be at fighter practice on Wed. Fighters coming in will be given a contact to work with to get in the facility.

Setup Ainar Lawrence Ulrich Morgan
2 to 5 ainar Morgan Ulrich
5 to 9 Tina Sarran Will Nahoma
9:30-2 Morgan Jamie Joy Ulrich
2-6 Tina Sarran Ulrick Aurelia
6 to 9 Will Mike Nahoma Aurelia
9:30-1 Patrice Joy Morgan Ainar
1 to 5 Ainar Ulrich Morgan Jamie
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