[Northkeep] Fellow subjects of the Barony

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner burgborrendohl at cox.net
Wed Jul 20 13:23:11 PDT 2016


I regularly check NK list to see if something is going on in the 
Barony.  Learned about Tokyo in Tulsa, but had prior obligations; but it 
was still nice that something was posted on the list.  The same is true 
with the Scribal and Arts and Sciences posts.  Imagine my surprise when 
the Ansteorrran calendar listed a Chemin Noir event that was never 
mentioned. I could find nothing on  the NK website--still listed as "The 
official web presence of the SCA Barony of *Northkeep*, Kingdom of 
Ansteorra (Tulsa, Oklahoma).". I had to break all my rules to find out 
what was going on.  I went onto the dreaded Facebook and was allowed to 
read that there was  indeed an event and learn the details.

Perhaps it was mentioned and disappeared out there in cyberspace and we 
never got the post.  If so, I'm sorry for the rant.  We have always 
loved the Canton and try our best to support it when/life allows/.

So if someone, could occasionally, post things like Dionadair and Ensign 
or the Big Giant Problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

We do not and will never join Facebook.  May it and Google be punished 
to all the limits of the European laws.


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