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Wed Jul 20 16:39:19 PDT 2016

The Dionadair and Ensign tourneys were mentioned at having occurred as 
Sunfest after the fact on the list, but I don't recall anything prior to 
Sunfest being mentioned about the /tourneys/ on the list.  As to The 
Giants, Tina is correct about no details being on the calendar.

For those seeking details this is what I was able to get from Facebook:

Chemin Noir is known for its dragon slayers, and this had become a 
problem... For the dragons we have slain were actually the pets of the 
frost giants to the far north of us, and now they have come to enact 
their revenge! They are making their way South to us, destroying 
everything in their path! Who will stand with us against the frost 
giants?? Who will be the champions of Chemin Noir?!
(If you are a champion of Chemin Noir we ask that you would please 
contact us ASAP and no, saturnalia was not a champion event. We greatly 
appreciate you competing at saturnalia but it was not a champion event)
Adult registration $15
Adult member registration $10
Child registration $5
Children under 6- FREE
Feast registration $10

Saturday, August 6, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Washington County Fairgrounds, Dewey, Oklahoma 74029

On 7/20/2016 5:33 PM, Stephanie Drake wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that Dionadair and Ensign were mentioned on the list.  They
> were held at the Sunfest Demo that Chemin Noir did in Bartlesville and I'm
> almost certain I remember seeing things about Sunfest on the list.  Chemin
> Noir and Wyldwood are not as active on the Northkeep list as they could be,
> but Chemin Noir's event is listed on the kingdom calendar.
> Mercedes

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