[Northkeep] Northkeep and Cantons Heraldic Submission Announcements

Jeff Gurnee geoffrey.gournay at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 14:10:13 PDT 2017

*Northkeep and Cantons Heraldic Announcements*

*Adelaide Dewy**. *Device. Sable, in cross two arrows with points to chief
and dexter within an annulet argent.

*Annais Eleanor de Montgomerie**. *Alternate name Anne Hardi. Nice late
16th century English name!

*Bulvyn Gunderson**. *Name and device. Per pale Or and vert, a bull passant
sable and a chief raguly gules.

*Chemin Noir, Canton of**. *Badge for the populace. Or, on a pale sable a
mullet of five greater and five lesser points Or.

*Finnr Jurgensson**. *Name.

*Lauren Augustin**. *Name.

*Marita Bøe**.* Device. Per chevron argent and azure, an increscent and a
decrescent purpure and an owl argent.

*Mor inghean Ricairt**. *Name. Nice Gaelic name for the 13th - 14th
centuries *Rwsa Georgette**. *Name. *Georgette* is the submitter's legal
given name. Appearing on the Letter of Intent as *R**óz**sa Georgette*, the
name was not registerable in this form because *Rózsa* is a post-period
spelling. Although she initially allowed no changes, the submitter
consented to changing the byname to the documented period spelling *R**w*
*sa*, found in "Hungarian Names 101" by Walraven van Nijmegen (
http://heraldry.sca.org/names/magyarnames1012.html), for registration.
Because *Rwsa* is a Hungarian byname, it may be used before the given
name. *Wyldewode,
Canton o**f. *Branch name (see RETURNS for device). (We are working on
device options for re-submission.)

The canton has permission to conflict from the *Barony of Wyewood*.
In service

Geoffrey de Gournay KSCA CSS CXVIII
Northkeep Herald

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