[Northkeep] Gulf Wars Camping Info

Jeff Gurnee geoffrey.gournay at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 15:02:48 PST 2017

For widest possible distribution!

Greetings Northkeep! Greetings Chemin Noir! Greetings Wyldewode!

I am your Gulf Wars XXVI Landocrat for Northkeep/Chemin Noir/Wyldewode.
Their Excellencies would love to see all of Northkeep camp together;
realizing that won't be possible for all and in order to get the land/space
we will need for Gulf Wars, there are several key items that need to be
kept in mind...

1. We only get land for people who pre-register on
http://www.gulfwars.org/registration/  fill out the form, wait a day or two
and you will receive an invoice from Paypal for your registration. Pay the
invoice and you are done! the Deadline for that is FEBRUARY 14, 2017!

Be sure to select Ansteorra as Kingdom, select your group as Other and then
enter the name of the group your camping with in the “If other was chosen,
please type the name of the group below:”.
EX. Group Camping with: Ansteorra in the "Other" section only enter
"Northkeep" or Bryn Gwlad, Steppes, Co. of St. Mark, etc. Everyone must be
part of a group, there will be no “Ansteorran General” camping area.

After you have pre-registered, you need to send me an E-mail at
geoffrey.gournay at gmail.com; it should contain your:

1. Style of tent(Mundane or Period)

2. The dimensions of your camp (tent dimensions with and
WITHOUT ropes)

3. The names of the people who will be camping with you(to make it easier
to correlate with the master list). Keep in mind that we are only allowed
15 or so square feet per person. Also, if there is a particular group of
people you wish to camp near,(Moonshadowe, Raptor, the Dewi contingent,
proximity to Port-a-johns), I will do my best to accomodate your wishes.

4. Estimated arrival day and time (roughly, I know departure/arrival plans
can change)

I need to have this information by February 26th! This will give me time to
configure the layout of Northkeep's land.I know everyone was pretty happy
with the land we were allocated last year, so i will do my best to make
sure we get the same area again.

As all who attended Gulf Wars last year may remember, the traffic
throughout site was difficult at best. The Gulf Wars event staff will be
stricter enforcing parking rules this year. We all each have THREE hours to
unload our equipment. After the three-hour mark, the site staff reserves
the option to have a bonded tow truck remove improperly parked vehicles
from site. Let's all help each other to unload and move our vehicles to

In Service

Geoffrey de Gournay
Northkeep Herald
Northkeep Gulf Wars XXVI Landocrat


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