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Mon May 1 09:02:28 PDT 2017

Here is a message from tonight's teacher.
​Good morning!
Tonight at Northkeep’s A&S Night (6:30, Martin East Library) I (Lady
Yzabeau) will be hosting “Easy Garb with Izzy,” a class intended to help
the new sewer construct a full outfit, simply. I will speak briefly about
fabric choice and fabric in period, construction of modern fabric, and then
will teach 2 different ways of constructing a T-Tunic, simple fabric belts,
a simple skirt, and, if we have time, a simple pair of pants. (If we don’t
get to the pants, I have a handout that will help!) This class is designed
for someone with beginning machine sewing skills. There will be people to
help, but it is best if you have at least beginning experience with a
sewing machine. For the class, you will need to bring the following: For
the whole class: a sewing machine (if you have one, if not, you may borrow
mine, but may have to share) thread (my machine will be threaded with
black), scissors, something to write with, a measuring tape (If you don’t
have one, I will bring a couple,) and anything else you may need to make
the items you want to make. (list follows) T- Tunic: 2-3 yards of fabric- 2
for a shorter t-tunic, 3 for longer Optional: (Only used for 1 version of
t-tunic) A shirt that you like the way it fits, with no stretch (a t-shirt
that you can put on without it stretching is perfect) Belt: ½ yard of
fabric (Not unadorned white, red, yellow, or green- patterns are great!)
Skirt: 2-4 yards of fabric, depending upon how full you would like your
skirt. I typically make mine four panels wide, which takes about 4 yards of
fabric. 1 spool of ½ inch wide grosgrain ribbon (The ribbed kind.)
Pants: A pair of pants you like the fit, 3 yards of fabric, enough elastic
to go around your waist, or if you prefer drawstring, a spool of grosgrain

Yours in service,
Lady Emmelina de Meadelande
Northkeep Minister of Arts & Sciences

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