[Northkeep] Fighter Support Donations for Castellan

amanda hall amanda.c.hall at gmail.com
Wed May 17 12:03:02 PDT 2017

Lady Emmalina and myself have volunteered to head up waterbearing for
Castellan, and are looking for donations! In particular, we would like
peanut butter filled pretzels, dill pickle spears, oranges (we would prefer
halos or cuties, but navel are fine- they're just easier to peel if they
are mandarins), olives (any color), grapes (any color), and (whole,
seedless) watermelon. We plan on prepping prior to the event, so would
appreciate any donations be given to us by the fighter practice before
Castellan, May 17th (tonight)- we won't turn them away after that, but it
will just make everything simpler if we get it prior to the event. I will
be at fighter practice tonight to accept any donations. Thanks for your

In Service,

Yzabeau Brossier

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