[Northkeep] Castellan Schedule

Jeff Gurnee geoffrey.gournay at gmail.com
Thu May 18 15:22:49 PDT 2017

Castellan Schedule!!!

5:00 PM Site and Gate Open – Event setup will continue through the
afternoon and evening. REMINDER - If it IS or HAS BEEN raining, vehicles
will be restricted to the parking lots behind the main hall and at the site
11:00 PM Gate Closes for the evening.

7:00 AM Gate opens
8:00-10:30AM Breakfast Tavern Tickets for both the Breakfast and Lunch
Taverns are available for purchase when trolling into Castellan.
9:00 AM - Armor Inspection for both Rapier and Chivalric Tournaments
10:00 AM - A&S Setup opens
10:00 AM - Northkeeps' Castellan Raffle setup begins
10:00 AM - Rapier “Meat Grinder” style tourney begins
10:00 AM - Archery and Thrown Weapons both open and run throughout the day
11:00 AM - Armor inspection for those changing lists
11:30 AM – Chivalric Grinder begins if you're not fighting Rapier Grinder,
please be inspected before 11am
11:30 AM – 2PM Lunch tavern opens
1:30 PM - Bardic prelims - Final topic delivered to finalists at 3PM
3:30 PM - Children's court
4:00 PM - Bardic Finals
4:00 PM - A&S, Raffle, Archery, & Thrown Weapons close
5:00 PM - Feast setup begins
6:00 PM - Feast!!!
~7:00 PM Court and Revelry to follow.

12:00 NOON Site closes

In service

Geoffrey de Gournay KSCA CSS CXVIII
Northkeep Herald
Castellan Event Steward

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