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Thank you for letting us know.I am terribly sad to hear this news, but also
very grateful that in such times this group is always immediate to respond
to the call.
It looks like ramp is already in process, but as far as other respurces or
necessities go I might be able to help point some directions.

Medicare and most insurances will cover a hospital bed and other equipment
when it's ordered by a physician. The hospital doc can and often will wrote
this order before discharge but only if they know you want one. It takes
about 1 day to process everything so it's a good idea to ask as soon as you
know, or to ask for a social work or case manager meeting while in the
hospital. There's a case manager for every floor who arranges anything
needed at discharge, most patients never see or hear of them but they are
always available to anyone who needs one. Once ordered, the equipment
companies usually deliver within 1 day and can even have things set up
before you get home in some cases.

I would recommend at least the hospital bed, a 3 in 1 bedside commode
(doubles as a shower chair and toilet riser if needed) a cane or walker is
a good idea for balance support when getting up and down even if using a
wheelchair primarily. Anything to make life easier is a good thing
There is also another great resource in the local chapter of the cancer
association. They offer some great free services that most of us never
think about. There are places that can help with transportation to and from
appointments that can pick you up without ever getting out of a wheelchair
if needed. There's a ton of resources out there that are accessible but not
well known. I keep a desk drawer of those things from my case manager
days.  I will dig through and try to post more detailed info on things I
think might be useful if someone could pass the info along for me as I am
not currently on Facebook either.
Also if any specific thing is needed, like affording a medication or
finding a resource, I can most likely help connect those things to
available resources.
I work long hours and I'm not often online or in email. If someone would
please pass along my info and feel free to text or call me if there is a
resource or question I can help with. I always have a phone on me

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> Not everyone is on the Book of Faces, so from HE Mercedes' page:
> So there has been a lot going on at my house. And I know that some of you
> know more than others for some of this it will be directly out of the blue
> because it was for me. Needless to say that I started having some issues in
> late January early February and I found out yesterday morning that I have
> bone cancer and it's terminal. We have not seen the oncologist yet. we are
> seeing him in the morning and that should give us a better idea of what
> kind of cancer it really is and how much longer I might have. There are
> some questions about a treat or not to treat etc. that I hope will be
> answered in the morning but, I have just been away from it all for a while
> and people are starting to ask questions. I don't mind if you ask but you
> may get the answer that we don't know yet or still trying to decide that is
> all. I am currently at St. Francis in the ICU and I don't even really know
> what room so if you would like to come see me you can get touch with Rick
> and he has directions and the room number. You can just call my cell
> because there's no real phone in the room that I can reach so. Anyway I
> love everybody and I'm sorry to do this like this but I don't know how to
> let people know.
> At this moment, there isn't a lot we can do to help.  Ainar is spending
> most of his time at the hospital & they don't know enough to make plans.
> They will undoubtedly need all our affection & emotional support.
> One of the first things they ate going to need is a ramp; if you have
> carpentry skills & are available this weekend, please let me know.
> Ultimately, they will, no doubt, need assistance of various other kinds.
> Thank you all for the generous offers already coming in.  I know they
> appreciate it!  Your generosity is one of the things that make Northkeep
> great!
> Elisaveta
> Baroness
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