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I just spent a half-hour on the phone with Anton, and he is getting
stronger consistently. He is still on dialysis, and that may well be
permanent. He can't walk steadily, is having vertigo issues and extreme
muscle weakness, but he pulled his own feeding tube out as soon as they
told him they were about to take it out, and he is eating solid food,
slowly. They told him he'd have to learn to chew and swallow again --
apparently they tested him while he was still recovering from the
anesthesia -- and he proved them wrong. He is still having nausea issues,
but he thinks that's due to the dialysis. They are about to move him to an
inpatient rehab facility where they will be working on his muscle strength
and coordination; that will probably happen tomorrow. His broken ankle is
still in a cast, and he needs help to adjust his position in the bed, but
he is determined to work his way back to strength and mobility. He sounded
good the whole time I talked to him, and his mind is as sharp as ever, now
that the infections he had are cleared up. All in all, good news.

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