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Rene Shepard reneshepard at gmail.com
Mon May 14 02:57:45 PDT 2018


I know its late, but I also know that many folks don't enter AnS because
they don't know how to do write up their work or as we like to call it
"documentation" for their projects.

It's pretty easy, once you have some examples and a walk through. HL Adalia
did a class on it some time back and had hand outs, I think I still have

If you have a project and you wanted to enter it but didn't really know how
to do the documentation, or would just like to refine your work, come to
the Library tonight. Loren will be available to chat during scribal and I
will be there as well, to be a second pair of eyes for editing or just walk
you through how to present your documentation.

Or if you just need someone who can type, I'll bring my laptop. And not
just tonight, but also, Wednesday, he's not in a position to fight but he
can be available to go over last minute stuff to get you where you want to

HE Margarita, our reigning Queen of Arts and Sciences will be over seeing
this year's contest and we'd like to help, particularly, we'd like to help
our new people to A n S put your best foot forward!

In Service,
Rwsa Georgette

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