[Northkeep] Last Minute Fundraising Opportunity

Seneschal of Northkeep seneschal at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Tue Nov 13 09:26:39 PST 2018

I received the following call for volunteers, and it has the potential of
being a great fundraiser. However, they are asking for this Saturday,
November 17th, and many of Northkeep's Populace are gong to be at War of
the Rams, myself included.
Please look over the details below and let me know ASAP if you would be
able to help!
We currently work with the Province of Moonschadowe, and are reaching out
to see if we could partner with the Barony of Northkeep as well.   We work
with a lot of groups around the state to help raise money during OSU
Football home games, and have helped Moonschadowe raise money for new
pavilions.  I know you have Gulf Wars in March, and perhaps this fundraiser
would be really helpful for your members.  It’s just one day, this Saturday.

How does this work?
A group gathers volunteers together to work as Event Staff at an OSU home
football game.  Some of our groups bring 20 people, and others only bring a
few.  Volunteers do not need to be formal members of the group – several
people *bring friends, family*, or anyone looking to help the group by
performing service in the community.   We provide the polo shirts and
bottled water.

Where does this happen?
Boone Pickens Stadium at OSU. We will provide *free parking* in a parking
garage for your convenience.

What work is involved?
Ticket taking, ushering, or greeting our guests up in club and suites.
There is *no heavy lifting or trash pickup*.  It’s fun and easy, and only
lasts one day.  Event staff go home not long after the game finishes.  Let
us know if there are any *people with disabilities* who may need

When is the next game?
Our final home game is November 17th.

How does this help the SCA?
The following Monday, I process payroll for the game.  Our groups who
worked will receive a check made out to the group within a couple of
weeks.  I can mail it to you, have it available at your next event, or it
may be picked up from our Express Office here on Perkins Road in
Stillwater.  Pay varies based upon how many people come to represent your
group.  Typically, the amount is $335 for the first 5 people, and $65 for
each additional person; however, because you are traveling an hour, if you
can bring 10 people, the amount on the check will be $800.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  We already have the W-9 from
the SCA with your non-profit tax status, so there’s very little other
paperwork we’ll need.  We do need good, friendly people for the last game,
so I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for looking it over!
In service,
Lady Jehanna de Montauban
Northkeep Seneschal

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