[Northkeep] Maker Faire Demo TOMORROW!

Seneschal of Northkeep seneschal at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Fri Aug 23 18:31:55 PDT 2019

Maker Faire Tulsa is tomorrow!  There will be some chairs and tables with
additional furniture available for rent if needed. Bring your own chair if
you can, tablecloths would also be good. There is a floor pocket in our
booth, and I am bringing an extension cord and plug strip. I will also
bring a fire extinguisher. Please see additional event details below.
Exhibitor Schedule
7:00am - 9:30am:  Exhibitor Check-in / Load-In
9:30am:  Vehicle loading lanes closed
10:00am:  Exhibitors should be setup and ready to accept visitors
10:00am - 5:00pm:  Maker Faire Tulsa public hours
So far I have the following people/crafts:
Beorhtlic - fine metalwork
Elisaveta - Inkle & tablet weaving
Martel & Dmitri - armoring
Karl - glass beads & lathe
Angelique - spinning wheel
Annabelle - glass engraving, possibly lucet and wire weaving.
5:15pm - 7:00pm:  Exhibitor Load-Out.  Vehicle Load-Out lanes reopened.
Exhibitor Maps
Exhibitor Loading Map
MFT 2019 Exhibitor Booth Map
These maps show the loading lanes for the 2019 fair as well as the location
of each exhibitor within Central Park Hall. Northkeep has Both #67.
Exhibitors should enter the Expo Square grounds from the south using Gate 1
located at intersection of E 21st Street and S Sandusky Avenue.

General Driving Directions to Expo Square can be found on Maker Faire
Tulsa's Directions Page
Check In
All exhibitors should report to the Check In tent located in the parking
lot south of Central Park Hall before entering the building or unloading
materials.  Refer to the Exhibitor Loading Map
for the Check-In tent location.
Loading / Unloading Doors & Parking
Northkeep have been assigned Door 1 to load-in and load-out our exhibit at
the start and end of the day respectively.  Please refer to the MFT 2019
Exhibitor Booth Map
for the location of Door 1.
Exhibitor parking is located to the southwest of Central Park Hall across S
Sandusky Avenue.  Please refer to the Exhibitor Loading Map
for parking locations.  Handicap parking is available to the south of
Central Park Hall.
All exhibit vehicle loading and unloading will take place outside Central
Park Hall regardless of weather conditions.

In service,
Lady Jehanne de Montauban
Northkeep Seneschal

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