[Northkeep] 10 things to do while quarantined

Seneschal of Northkeep seneschal at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Mon Mar 23 12:42:21 PDT 2020

In light of current recommendations all in-person SCA events, practices,
and meetings have been cancelled until April 30th, per the Kingdom

Here are 10 things that make social distancing more entertaining: Living
History Edition!

1. Finish projects!
We all have unfinished projects at home. Finish it and ...

 2. ... show your finished projects on our Facebook Group
Even if you aren't on Facebook, you can email a picture to
social-media at northkeep.ansteorra.org to share your progress, we would love
to celebrate with you (separately, in our own homes)!

3. Write it up for the Saga!
You have the wonderful possibility of killing two birds with one stone: you
can document your progress/experience AND you can support your barony's
newsletter! Email your submissions to chronicler at northkeep.ansteorra.org,
and if you send pictures be sure to also submit the applicable release
forms!  For the person who took the photograph:

For the person/s in the photograph:

 4. Learn something new
On sites like youtube.com or skillshare.com, reenactors also offer various
courses. Whether embroidering, weaving or armoring - here you can learn new
(historical) techniques.

5. Become a sponsor
Do you follow reenactors who have turned their hobby into a profession?
Then you have probably already noticed that small business owners are now
afraid for their economic existence. Platforms like Patreon give you the
opportunity to give on-going support for your favorite juggler, the small
non-profit-making museum or the nice archaeologists from next door a little
help. There is also a list of websites for merchants who were going to be
at Gulf Wars at https://www.gulfwars.org/activities/merchant-info/ , or in
the Facebook Group Gulf Wars 29 Merchant Relief

 6. A sewing circle via video chat
Sewing alone can sometimes be boring. How nice it would be to sit with
friends now and talk about your hobby, right? No problem at all in the
digital age. Start a video conference and you're all set!

 7. Use open source
Many works that are of interest to the area of living history can be
accessed online for free. Search through different portals and read, read,
jstor <https://www.jstor.org/>
academia <https://www.academia.edu/>
Instructions for free access to the NYPL
And even the Ivy League universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth,
Harvard, Princeton, Pennsylvania and Yale) now offer many of their courses
online for free .

 8. Exercise
Social distancing doesn't mean that you have to sit on the couch all day.
Exercise is still important in order to protect our health.
Here are some video links to inspire movement:
Movement in armor <https://youtu.be/q-bnM5SuQkI>
Backyard Basics Pell drills <https://youtu.be/3SUZWAD54uA>
Solo Rapier drills <https://youtu.be/4Yb4I37of-M>
SCA sword technique <https://youtu.be/qhAAUyQIa78>

Now get off the couch and move!

9. Dress up
"What? I should dress, make up, do my hair? Why? I just sit at home all day
anyway. "
Yes exactly! Now is the perfect time to try out striking historical
hairstyles and makeup. Because if things go wrong or look too fancy, then
you have lost nothing - and can report on your experiences!
Here are a few examples (but there are thousands more on Youtube. Just
search for what interests you)
Faustina II (2nd century AD) <https://youtu.be/M_HPjg-f8iQ>
Italy in the 14th century <https://youtu.be/rd_C_BJH-Zk>
Austria in the 14th century <https://youtu.be/nt9DZFXUEAA>
roman makeup <https://youtu.be/9AxHoNCFHXA>

 10. Planning
Even if we are all navigating the unknown and do not know when we can
return to some semblance of normality, we can still plan. Think big! Which
event have you always wanted to attend? What did you always want to see
from your Barony? What would be needed to make it happen? Please share your

If you, or anyone you know is in need of food, water, medicine or other
services during this time please let me know and I will do my best to
coordinate care.

In service,
Lady Jehanne de Montauban
Northkeep Seneschal

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