[Northkeep] Can You Map the Known World?

Seneschal of Northkeep seneschal at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Mon Mar 30 12:04:41 PDT 2020

Reposted from the SCA Facebook Page:

Our Known World keeps on growing with Kingdoms being born of great
endeavours and that means we need to undertake the time old activity of
cartography, redrawing the borders of the Known World to reflect our newest
Kingdom, Avacal.

Given that the Society has so many talented cartographers within our game
who may be looking for a way to #SCAatHome
we thought a competition to draw the Known World was in order. The winner
will receive a prize (details to be forthcoming) and honour and renown
across all the Kingdoms of the SCA.


The Competition will run from 29 March 2020 to 28 April 2020.

The winner will be announced on 1 May 2020 as we’d like to start the A.S LV
(55) off with a bang.

The artist will retain all rights to the map but allow use by the Society
for Creative Anachronism (basically we’d like to borrow it on occasion).
All usage will be credited.

File Specifications:
Samples as well as completed maps will be accepted.
Preferred format eps or ai.
1 layer per kingdom to allow for maximum usage.
Keep all typography to separate layers as well.
If your file is larger than 4mb please contact socialmedia at sca.org to
ensure it will be received through our servers.

The winner will be selected by the Board of Directors

Entries can be submitted to socialmedia at sca.org

In service,
Lady Jehanne de Montauban
Northkeep Seneschal

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