[Northkeep] February Populace

Joanna Morton joalin99 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 23 08:18:41 PST 2021

I am so very sorry, I just realized this morning that I had forgotten to post last night's Populace link to the email list. I feel terrible. Here is what I remember from it.

Lord Matthew informed us of some potential meetings coming up. These are all, of course, contingent on in-person activity guidelines on those dates.
April 16-18 is the Tulkon<https://tulkon.com/> demo at the Doubletree Warren Place. They have offered us a spacious outside area where we are free to set up pavilions & lyst fields. They have also offered 20 transferable weekend passes for our demo volunteers.
On June 4-6 the Canton of Chemin Noir is planning their demo at SunFest Bartlesville<http://bartlesvillesunfest.org/>.
Lord Matthew has spoken with Ranger Roger, and the Boy Scout Reservation is available June 25-27, he is now seeing if we can move Castellan to that date on the Kingdom calendar. If we are able to have Castellan on that date, we will likely also have the option of keeping the pool open for only an additional $500 since it is directly after a camp.

As of February 1st, Lord Jean Beauchamp has been Northkeep's new Rapier Marshal.
We have applications in for Herald, MoAS, Webminister, and Hospitaler but we are still waiting for Regionals to confirm them.

Steel Fighty Chat this Wednesday, 2/24. The Zoom link will be sent shortly.

A&S Night is next Monday, 3/1/21. Lord Matthew will teach a class on Medieval Astronomy, the Zoom link will be posted as soon as possible.

Zubeydah mentioned the Ansteorran Wiki<https://historian.ansteorra.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page> 😊 and said that Northkeep was doing very well with about 1 page in every 10, but right now there are 988 pages and she has a goal of the wiki reaching 1000 pages. If you haven't gotten a page yet, contact Zubeydah or just fill out the Wiki Persona submission form<https://ansteorra.org/historian/wiki-persona-submission/>!

There was general chatting and checking in with everyone on how they came through the winter storm.

Again, I most humbly apologize to have not emailed the Zoom meeting to this list, and I hope to see you soon.

To anyone who was there, please let me know if I missed anything!


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