[Northkeep] UPDATE: Kingdom COVID Protocol Changes

Seneschal of Northkeep seneschal at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Wed Mar 30 11:23:40 PDT 2022

Good afternoon Northkeep,

I come to you for a second time today, this time with news from Their
Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal!

Please see the below announcement regarding the removal of nearly all
COVIDSafe protocols as offered by Society, effective immediately:


Greetings Ansteorra!
We are happy to see that the number of COVID cases across Ansteorra has
decreased greatly. In addition, there have been no reports of spread of the
illness from Gulf War.

With these considerations, we are removing all Ansteorra COVID safety
protocols.  Effective immediately:

1. Masks will no longer be required indoors or outdoors.
2. All feast limitations are removed.
3. All limitations on Children’s Activities are removed.
4. The COVIDSafe policy in Oklahoma (checking of vaccinations/negative
test) will no longer be implemented.

Remember, although masks are no longer mandated, please respect all who
continue to wear masks at events. In addition, respect any request for
social distancing.  There are still many who have very serious health
concerns. We will not take it lightly if we hear of any incidents of people
being bullied for using these measures for personal safety.

We will continue to monitor and implement safety protocols if the case
numbers climb back up.  Please continue to practice food safety and
handling guidelines when it comes to feast and fighter support. For all
food and drink arts and science entries, please see the Minister of A&S
webpage for guidelines.

Thank you all very much for continuing to make Ansteorra better during
these troubling times.

Floki, King
Elizabeth, Queen
Myfanwy, Seneschal

In service,
Centurion Alexandre Crane
Northkeep Baronial Seneschal

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