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Mon May 2 14:29:16 PDT 2022

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Good morning all,
I am writing this post as a space for answers to FAQ's about Marc Carlson
/ Diarmait ua Dhuinn.
1. Marc is not a candidate for liver transplant at this time, for a variety
of reasons. When all this started, we hoped that he might be able to get
onto the list. However, even then, that was going to be a months-long
process. That is not able to happen now.
2. Marc is not in pain right now. Please do not share posts that say he is
in physical agony or something. Those posts just hurt other people. His
healthcare team is assessing him often to make sure that he stays
physically comfortable. He doesn't feel well at all, but he isn't hurting.
3. If insomnia strikes, he has meds ordered to help with that.
4. He is now in a private room at Saint Simeon's (3701 M.L.K. Jr Blvd,
Tulsa, OK 74106). He is in Rm 233.
5. He is able to have visitors. Please see my post from April 30th for
instructions for getting to his room. We also have a visiting schedule set
up to help folks coordinate a bit. He is currently in a semi-private room,
so the space is a bit tight. He loves visitors. Here is the site to sign up
for a slot : https://mealtrain.com/go36y3
6. Yes, we have a GoFundMe. It is here: https://gofund.me/ff2685a2
Because we are doing hospice care, he no longer has any dietary
Directions for getting into Saint Simeon's if you go visit Marc
You enter through a security gate. the guard will come out to greet you.
Marc is in room 233, but his room is under his legal name (Ira Carlson).
Depending on the time of day, the guard will check your temperature and
sign you in. (The temp checks happen at the front desks the rest of the
time.) If you have a fever, you cannot proceed.
Follow the road down to the parking lot just before you get to Oxley
Circle. You will go into the Dotson Family Assisted Living Center. Sign in
at the book on the front desk. Marc is in the Health Care Center, so circle
"HCC" for that column. Get a temp check if you didn't before. Pick up a
mask if you don't have one with you.
To get to Marc's room, go through the double doors that are beyond the
front desk. BE AWARE: The push buttons on the walls by the doors are often
not an option. They are usually mandatory. Don't be like me and kick your
own butt with an embarrassing number of doors. [image: 🤦‍♀️]
To get out of the Healthcare Center, there is a numeric keypad on the right
of the doorframe. The code is on the keypad. Again, don't be like me and
beat yourself up with a door on the way out.
Love and light to all of you.

À votre service,
Jehanne de Montauban
Baroness of Northkeep

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