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Subject: PE - seeking a yurt goddess

> excuse the interruption please but i am looking for a lady from
> Ansteorra. Many claim she is a goddess when it comes to Yurt
> knowledge.
> i believe her name is something like Sun....this is were my fragile
> mind goes blank.
> thanks
> Halvgrim

Oh, dear - I think you mean me.........
At least 6 friends think you did, and forwarded your message :-)

I am (just recently, still the baby peer) Master Sunjan Temujin, and I seem to
know a bit about yurts. I have built 15-17 (lost count), including the very
popular "kit" form for the people who either can't affoed a finished yurt, or
want to do some of the work themselves. Mostly 12' and 18' diameters, but just
designed a 16' yurt for a lady, so may be doing those too from now on.

Did you have a specofic question? I think I have made every mistake possible on
the way to 'here', so I am really good at telling people what NOT to
try..........bounce ideas off me, it doesn't hurt.

I do have to let my Japanese Sales Manager answer the money questions, I am
hopeless with that, and he is really good at it. But for tools, materials, and
construction, I am your girl............

Assimilation Laurel........

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