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At 07:05 PM 08/22/2000 -0400, Corun MacAnndra wrote:
>Todric wrote:
>>        Believe it or not, this is the _second_ time I've seen a ger hit by
>>a vehicle; the first time was about 10 years ago;  that one was flattened,
>>but the owners had it back up inside of a few hours.
>If you're talking about the time the Club Gobi (the common yurt in the Dark
>Horde Moritu encampment) got rammed by that Dodge van it wasn't "flattened"
>per se. The roof caved in, but it had already done that because the roof
>ring had way too much slop in it and the yurt was set up on ground that was
>not flat. Thus the yurt tended to pantograph itself to the shape of the
>ground and the roof had already spiraled in on itself once. 
        Yup;  it did have a version of my early-designed plywood roof ring
with the blocks and disks, so I wouldn't be suprised in the least (BTW, you
can see the very first one of these at
<> ). Please don't laugh, friends;
this was a long time ago, and I was on my own! :-)  You'll note that I used
bolts rather than screws, and three rafters per slot to reduce the
possibility of the "iris-effect", but most folk who are copying this design
use only one and that was the case with "Club Gobi". The Ger itself (17ft
diameter) can be seen at <> as it was
set up at Pennsic 14.

        I'll eventually be uploading a lot more of my old pictures, in case
others are interested.
>To my recollection the khana also stayed up.

        Half of it did; the blood-cooler was right up against the inside
wall, and the khana served as a sort of ramp; once the van had pushed the
wall over, it  continued forward, flipped the cooler over and came to rest
with the bumper on top. The back of the khana _did_ stay vertical, but the
front was pretty horizontal.
        I know that someone in the Moritu took pictures of it; you might
want to ask Chai.
        I recall being concerned that no one had been hurt, and trying to
find out why the accident happened.

>This was at Pennsic 18, and I had been camped in my eight foot dome tent in
>what was to become the path of the van. Fortunately for me I had left for
>home the day before and the van went through where my tent and I had been.
>This earned me the nickname the following year of Organic Speedbump. Thanks
>a lot, Bagshi. ;-)
        I'm pretty sure that the damage would have been total had the cooler
not stopped the van, and though it probably would have missed Katriona,
there would have been nothing to stop the van from rolling on through and
harming folk further downhill. There was a Lady who brought us chocolate
cake for several years; she was camped further downhill and would likely
have been badly hurt; her nylon tent was in the path, and she was asleep in it.

        I think that the moral of the story is that we sometimes build
better than we know, and other times we're just damned lucky! ;-) 

        Either way, don't park on a hill without chocking your wheels! :-)


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