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Mira (Tanya Guptill) tguptill at
Fri Aug 25 10:59:14 PDT 2000

Noble friends,

Please indulge me while I do a  thirty second happy dance.  I got the
weirdest thing via UPS today, and it is my latest shopping coup.

I bought 165 yards of 56" wide taupe-colored woven canvas ironing
board fabric--for $50 plus shipping.  I noticed it on Ebay, it didn't
sell, and I bought it privately from the owner after having her send
me out a swatch.  It is coated to be heat-resistant, and completely
waterPROOF.  The seams I tested after I sewed it had no leakage, too.
It does have kind of an ugly set of stripes in a few inches from the
edge, but I can either incorporate them or cut them out.  For that
price, I figured I'd deal with it later.  It is heavy enough I would
probably only use it as a roof (that and the fact it would severely
inhibit airflow), but I am also toying making it into a day shade,
because you could actually have a firepit under the shade (especially
if the poles are nice and tall) and not worry about stray sparks
leaving holes in the fabric.

Thanks for letting me do my happy dance! ;)



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